I am interested in IT, AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, PHP, Python, Metrics, Human Rights, Adaptive Technology, WordPress development, and the power of music and sound.

I took my first programming class in 1984. I became interested in cognitive computing, A.I., and virtual reality in the 1090s when I studied under a professor who helped develop virtual cockpits for Airforce training.

I have a passion for Asian Studies. I am an enthusiast of Asian art, culture, language, politics, and human rights. I focus mainly on Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan but not to the exclusion of other Asian Countries.

I am an advocate of continuing Education. I have continued my education by taking classes after being graduated in 1994 from the University of Colorado and Denver Paralegal Institute in 1995. I have also taken courses at Arizona State University and the University of Arkansas.

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