Tone and Mood

I finally have one day of quiet and of course, I’m busy trying to do something productive besides moving my online content to a more obscure part of the internet and ultimately moving away from this town.

I was severely injured 3 years ago and wouldn’t talk about the nature of the injuries except in court. Various personal injury lawyers are beginning to show up in my ads and they aren’t typical ambulance chasers.  My daily pain and utter lack of knowing what is in store for me are a bit better.

It doesn’t look like Twitter is going to recover. It has nothing to do with the content but I’ve been documenting the issues for 3 years in a way that was meant to be processed by precision data science techniques not really human-centric browsing, except for a massive U.S. fight to fuse the International Crimes Court with the violent, evangelical, extremist cult that I’ve given occasional updates on and then document my observations.

I’ve now seen a very similar pattern that spikes and then holds steady from year to year. Most disturbingly I have heard a noise at least five times that indicates to me that this planet is headed for some very rough times. This type of sound is intended to be fatal and I suspect that it is fatal to all mammals and plant life. Someone caused these sound intentionally. There is no way to describe it.  I’m still very tired.

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