I Am The Only Accomplishment They Have

"Acme Logo"
“Acme Logo”


2:52 AM

“What is Versus What Could Be”

I was placing way too much faith in technology up until about 2 months ago. There was an unfortunate event in my life that turned all this faith in emerging technology into this overwhelming sense of apathy with a giant dose of all that could go wrong.

During the time, I had some faith. I “imagined” what could be done if technology gets it shit together. My questions, although not highly technical are running me into research deadens. The questions that I have about A.I., machine learning, and “big data” either haven’t’ been asked yet or they are under lock and key. I use Google and Google Scholar to research. Many of my questions remain unanswered.

People are in too big of a rush to profit immediately. I’m thinking with just some times and research, these new technologies could sell themselves.

Considering my unusual journey this year, it’s safe to say that I saw some things that we don’t yet have. I don’t think.

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